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John Oliver Reinvents America’s Infrastructure As An Exciting Action Thriller

The Last Week Tonight host replaces "crumbling" with "compelling"!

The fact that America’s infrastructure can safely be described as "crumbling" isn’t news: Both John Boehner and Barack Obama rarely mention the word "infrastructure" without that word to modify it. But no one seems to agree on how to maintain it, and investing in projects that repair highways, bridges, dams, and other vital parts of our country’s ability to function isn’t politically popular.

That’s something that John Oliver, in his recently adopted role as America’s common-sense conscience (thanks for the Net Neutrality, bud), took on during last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight.

During the show, Oliver enlisted acting powerhouses Edward Norton, Hope Davis, Vincent D’Onofrio, Steve Buscemi, and more to star in a blockbuster-ified trailer for Infrastructure. Mild corrosion, routine inspections, and catching cracks and leaks early sure seem a lot more dramatic with an intense score and Ed Norton’s steely gaze behind ‘em—and that’s a good thing for America.