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This 9-Minute "House of Cards" Recap Gets You Ready To Devour Season 3

Burn through both seasons of House of Cards in 9 minutes in honor of the February 27 debut of season 3. Warning: all the spoilers!

Yesterday, Co.Create took a look at an infographic that detailed every amoral scheme House of Cards focal point Frank Underwood carried out in his steady rise to power. Of course, some of us are not visual learners. Luckily, the occasion of the show's third season unveiling has inspired a comprehensive nine-minute recap of everything that's happened so far.

Created by YouTube's The Fine Brothers, "House of Cards In 1 Take In 9 Minutes" is a fast-paced collection of spoilers and minutiae that will bring you up to speed in time to binge-watch all 13 new hours over the course of the weekend. It's been a year since the previous season bowed on Netflix and left people unsure of how to talk about what happened to poor Zoe without ruining it for everybody. You owe it to yourself to be good and primed so that you remember where all the chips landed last season, and how they got there, when the next major shake-up hits.