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Super Bowl XLIX

Wix Helps Retired NFL Stars With Their New Careers In Super Bowl Ad

Okay, it's not the official big game ad—it's the super extended cut.

For many advertisers, the lead up to the Super Bowl is a chance to give the public a quick teaser peek at what's to come. But cloud-based web development platform has gone in the opposite direction, launching the extended version of its ad ahead of the big game.

In this 70-second version, by Committee LA, we start with Brett Favre asking Lloyd (okay, Rex Lee) for advice on what his next career move should be. Next thing you know we're seeing Emmitt Smith's line dancing bar, Terrell Owens's cooking show, retired NFL all-pro Larry Allen's unique (and fake) towing business, all supported by—you guessed it—a swanky and self-made website.

The ad running in the Super Bowl will be a 30-second version of this but will undoubtedly include the ol' Favre & Carve.