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Super Bowl XLIX

A Bud Light Fan Dodges Ghosts In A Real-Life Pac-Man Maze In New Super Bowl Spot

So that's what it'd be like in a real-life Pac-Man maze. Thanks, Bud Light!

Bud Light's #UpForWhatever campaign remains in full effect as the Super Bowl rapidly approaches—and the brand's newly released Game Day spot, "whatever" translates to "a Pac-Man maze."

Created by agency EnergyBBDO, "Coin" continues the tradition of last year's "Epic Night" ad by placing an apparent non-actor into an extraordinary situation for the sake of beer and letting the good times roll, etc. When a bartender asks our brew-seeking hero, Riley, whether he'd be—how to phrase this—up for whatever upon receiving a free beer, he's only happy to comply. Little does he know that pretty soon, he's going to be running around a maze dodging holographic goblins and looking for cherries. If he did know that, he would probably be even more psyched about his free beer—because playing real-life Pac-Man looks like it would be awesome.

Look for two other 60-second ads during the game, including the return of the adorable horse-and-puppy friendship, teased with a set of adorable GIFs.