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Mrs. Terry Crews Looks Remarkably Like Terry Crews In This New Old Spice Ad

The amped up pitchman has a nightmarish shaving experience.

You ever have a dream where you wake up and think it's all gone, only to discover you're still dreaming? It can be a jarring experience. If it's a nightmare, it can be downright terrifying. In this new Old Spice ad, Terry Crews dreams up a horrible shaving experience.

The spot for Old Spice shaving products, once again by agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland, shows Crews coming face to hairy face with himself in increasingly bizarre situations, until finally he wakes up next to his wife. Then things get a bit crazy. Of course, this is a Terry Crews Old Spice ad, so there is obviously copious amount of flexed muscles, explosions, and screaming. It might just be enough to convince you to shave off that nasty beard, weirdo.