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Super Bowl XLIX

Watch Mindy Kaling Go Invisible In a Clip From Her Super Bowl Spot For Nationwide

This teaser for Mandy Kaling's Nationwide ad that will air during the Super Bowl shows the sitcom creator experimenting with invisibility.

Looks like Aubrey Plaza won't be the only female sitcom star appearing in a Super Bowl ad this year. Mindy Kaling, creator and lead of The Mindy Project, is set to join the Parks and Recreation misfit by filming a spot for Nationwide.

In the insurance company's first Super Bowl ad since 2007, Kaling is set to reveal everything she might get up to if she were invisible—after a supposed lifetime of being treated as though she were invisible. (Those of us who haven't starred in two hit TV shows must be beyond the possibility of a sighting.) According to the teaser for this ad, which you can watch above, Kaling's unseen bucket list includes naked yoga, grocery store-binging, and a car wash walk-through. Let us know in the comments what you would do with the awesome power of invisibility instead.