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Super Bowl XLIX

Never Mind Katy Perry, Craig Robinson And The Nasty Delicious Want The Super Bowl Halftime Show

This three-part web series for Pepsi chronicles the journey.

By sheer mathematical reality, not every music superstar can play a Super Bowl Halftime Show. There just isn't enough of them. From 1967 to 1975, it was all marching bands. Up With People played the halftime show in 1976, 1980, 1982, and 1986. In 1989 it was Elvis Presto. So obviously this is a very prestigious club.

It's a club Craig Robinson really, really wants to join. The only problem is, this year's halftime show is already booked with Katy Perry. But the comedian and his band The Nasty Delicious have a little bit of magic on their side. Sure, his group's name sounds like a gross apple or a Randy Watson cover band, but Robinson has a fairy godmother that may help him get to the promised land in Arizona.

Meantime, agency Brooklyn Brothers—makers of that funny ad series with Robinson and Nick Offerman for New Era—Pepsi and Comedy Central will be entertaining us with a three-part web series chronicling Robinson's journey.

We'll see Robinson and the Nasty Delicious play a live "halftime" show during Key & Peele's Super Bowl Special on January 30, but for now what happens on Super Bowl Sunday is still a mystery.