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Super Bowl XLIX

Skittles Teaser Promises To Settle Things At The Super Bowl

Settle what? Who knows? That's why they call it a teaser.

We've arrived at a time in pop culture history in which movie trailers often spoil the entire plot line and best jokes of a movie. So when something that purports to be a trailer or teaser doesn't really say too much or spoil anything, it can be genuinely disorienting. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO WAIT?

And so here we are at the teaser for Skittles' first-ever Super Bowl ad by agency DDB Chicago, in which a small town populated by insanely lopsided arm muscles gets ready for . . . that's it, that's all we know. Everyone has a huge, ripped right arm and are being drawn outside by an unseen force. Aliens? Celebrity? Apocalypse? The filming of "Over the Top 2"?

Whatever it is, there's probably a rainbow involved.