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Shredded Wheat Gets Down With Some Northern Soul

A dad who likes to dance, a cereal, and a unique cultural backdrop.

Most kids would rather curl into a small ball and cringe until the Earth swallowed them whole rather than go dancing with their dad. But Dave is a different sort of dad. He's into Northern Soul and isn't shy about breaking out the style and skills required for such a throwback counterculture.

Northern Soul is having a bit of a comeback lately, with Steve Coogan starring in a recent film set during its heyday, and in this new Shredded Wheat ad, by agency McCann London, it's both cool and heartwarming to see a father and son have such a genuine connection as Dave and his boy do here. Also heartwarming is the way the brand didn't awkwardly force its way into the story, but instead subtly sponsored a good story and lifestyle.