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This New Scorsese, De Niro, And DiCaprio Film Is Actually A Casino Commercial

The Hollywood superstars team up to promote Macau's latest gambling mecca.

The concept of Hollywood stars doing ad work overseas is not new. In the old days, you could go to Japan and make a coffee ad—something you'd never stoop to in North America—collect a massive paycheck, fly home, and no English-speaking fan would be the wiser. Then came the Internet and all was revealed.

Now comes perhaps the most extreme example of Hollywood heft behind a commercial endeavor. Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio star in a new short film, written by Terence Winter and produced by Brett Ratner, called The Audition (Brad Pitt also stars in the film—watch for his cameo in the spot). According to the New York Post, each star was paid $13 million and the film's budget was $70 million. And the entire thing is an ad for a new casino in Macau called Studio City.

It sounds like a pretty insane amount of money to spend on a spot, but considering Macau's gambling industry is reportedly $45 billion—seven times the size of Las Vegas—it's more like a nice way to spend some pocket change. The short film version will debut later along with the casino's launch.