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McDonald's Made People Happy, Sad, And Full Of Tweet Rage With Its New Commercial

Who knew the signs outside a McD's could be so polarizing?

For its newest commercial, McDonald's put a spotlight on its original branded content—the signs outside its restaurants. Sure, most of them say "500 billion served" but franchises also use their street side soapbox to comment on everything from local matters to global issues.

Here in "Signs" by agency Leo Burnett and set to the tune of "Carry On" by fun, McDonald's signs around the country remember 9/11, doesn't want jobs to leave Toledo, prays for trapped miners, believes in Crystal and much, much more. The commercial throws to a Tumblr page that explains the story behind all the signs.

But despite all the feelings, viewers during the Golden Globes sure got fired up about it. Turns out some people don't really think the Golden Arches should be so Boston Strong when it's selling Big Macs and McGriddles.

The ad is part of a recently launched rebrand campaign aimed to, in the words of CMO Deborah Wahl, "reignite lovin'."