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This Award-Winning Animated Short Is Also An Ad For A Job Site

Indeed's new spot shows the variety of careers behind award-winning animation.

Showing is almost always better than telling. Someone can describe things like the Grand Canyon, New York City or Wayne Newton's hair, but until you see them for yourself, you can't really have a proper appreciation for them.

Job site Indeed takes this approach in its newest ad, by agency Mullen, which will debut during the Golden Globes on January 11th. Instead of making a spot that points out the laundry list of ways it's the best job site out there, or use impressive, yet fictional, storytelling to make an emotional connection to a job seeker, the brand took a decidedly real world approach.

It partnered with HouseSpecial, and transformed the studio's award-winning animated short "A Tale of Momentum & Inertia" into an ad by inserting all the various creative and technical roles that contributed to its creation. Rarely do we all sit through the credits of any given film, but here jobs like storyboard artist, 3-D animator, compositor, and sound designer are front and center.

Check out the original film: