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Super Bowl XLIX

Skittles Gets To Arizona Early In A Weird Teaser For Its First-Ever Super Bowl Ad

Former Super Bowl champ Kurt Warner lets loose at this candy-coated tailgate.

By now, we're fully accustomed to actually watching teaser ads for actual ads. A sad indication of our culture's continued decline? Perhaps. But, hey, it's the Super Bowl!

Skittles is getting ready to launch its first-ever big game spot and is so excited it sent former Super Bowl champ Kurt Warner to an empty Arizona parking lot to celebrate. This head-scratcher of a teaser shows the retired NFLer—who won the Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams (and game MVP) in 1999, and played in the 2008 big game with the Arizona Cardinals—awkwardly partying amid candy-coated craziness, promising this year will be "awesomer."

The teaser was created by agency Olson Engage, while the actual Super Bowl ad is being done by DDB Chicago and, according to Olson, be "very distinct" from this incredibly pre-game tailgate situation.