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TurboTax Tells The Good, Bad And Ugly Stories Of Your Fiscal Year With 2015 Campaign

Turbo Tax will return to the Super Bowl, kicks off new campaign with Mardi Gras-themed spot.

There's a common saying about the dash on everybody's tombstone. Something about that's where the life is and all that. This new ad for TurboTax takes a similar path, this time looking at the events lurking behind your tax questionnaire.

The spot, by agency Wieden + Kennedy Portland, made a high-profile appearance during the Rose Bowl on January 1. It's part of a new campaign that centers on the idea that though life may be comically complex, doing your taxes is simple. It takes place at Mardi Gras and portrays the answers for filing with its tax software as a story of peoples' lives over the past 12 months. It's like Facebook's Year in Review feature, including the potential for reminding you about unfortunate events. That one checked box could be an engagement proposal gone wrong or a freak medical emergency. It's all there. The new campaign features voice-over from William H. Macy, who steps in for John C. Reilly who voiced last year's campaign.

The brand will also have a 60-second spot in this year's Super Bowl and will make an appearance at the Golden Globes on January 11.