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Finally, A Beer That Will Solve Your Creative Problems

A brew that promises just the right amount of liquid creativity.

Finally, A Beer That Will Solve Your Creative Problems

Going by advertising alone, beer makes everybody better looking, funnier, and more charming. It surrounds you with interesting people and exciting times and will quench your thirst on a hot day all at once. But anyone who's ever tried to recreate the magic of a beer commercial knows the result is too often soaked in fried food, antacid and shame.

But there is hope! Recent studies have substantiated what was by many, often discarded as a myth. University of Illinois at Chicago professor Jennifer Wiley has concluded that the average man produces his most creative thinking with an alcohol level of 0.075%. Known as the creative peak, it's considered the ideal state for problem solving, inventing and generally coming up with great ideas.

As if that wasn't enough of a welcome holiday gift, agency CP+B Copenhagen took Wiley's research to the next level, working with Rocket Brewing to engineer a beer that claims to enable the average person to reach the desired 0.075%. Enter "The Problem Solver." a craft IPA featuring a bottle indicator to find your creative peak. Drink the right amount to fit your weight to hit the magical 0.075%. The agency does offer a (obvious) note of caution: "Enjoying the right amount will enhance your creative thinking. Drinking more will probably do exactly the opposite." It's a fine line between that amazing short story idea and a hangover that will make your eyes bleed.

CP+B Copenhagen managing director Mathias Birkvad said the idea came about when they came across Wily's research. "We have often experienced that the best creative ideas, that we have come up with, are not necessarily done within the agency walls, but often at after-hours social gatherings at our local pub," says Birkvad. "As an agency we believe that creative thinking can solve any problem. So why not take the idea a step further and use the beer to do something good?"

The Problem Solver is being served during after-hours workshops at the agency, at a local Copenhagen beer store and at a new initiative called "The Problem Solvers" in which community and charity groups are invited to the agency to brainstorm ideas over—you guessed it—a beer.