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Apple Wants To Play Your Heartstrings With Its New Holiday Ad

Once again, the brand ties its technology to making family connections.

When families all around the world get together over the holidays, chances are there will be more than a few members glued to their phones or iPads. Whether out of necessity, habit or boredom, these devices will be a constant presence at any gathering. But instead of bemoaning this as an unwelcome technological intrusion, Apple wants you to see just how its products can actually make the holidays better.

To do that, the brand is once again aiming straight for your heart and hoping to get your iTears flowing. Again. Last year it was the unexpected gift from a solitary teen. This time, it's a creative young woman using Apple's music software to remix a song her grandmother recorded a a generation earlier. Oh, sweet, sweet technology. It's almost enough to make you want to hug your computer.