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Captain Picard Singing "Make It So" To The Tune Of "Let It Snow" Is The Reason For The Season

Season's Greetings From Captain Picard, who has been forced by clever editing to sing "Let It Snow" with a Captain Picard-y twist.

The undisputed king of being digitally edited into singing a song is noted Peter Pan patriarch Brian Williams. The veteran news anchor's "raps" are a recurring feature on Fallon. However, a new challenger just burst on the scene in the form of Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise, who packs some serious Christmas heat in a song-approximating supercut. Watch your back, Williams!

YouTuber SuperChief84 put together a short video in which the Star Trek character made famous by Patrick Stewart "sings" the seasonal classic "Let It Snow"—with a Captain Picard-y twist (the 2013 video has recently resurfaced). While most of the vocal snippets used to force Picard to sing the song are just words taken out of contest, the three words of his most memorable catchphrase stay intact, so that the chorus is now "Make It So." The video's creator even slips in another of Picard's big lines, the regular drink order, "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot," to replace the corn that should be popping. And of course, just like in real life, ensign Wesley Crusher gets no love here either.