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1-800-CONTACTS Does The Improbable And Runs An Appropriate Ad Tie-In With Discovery's "Eaten Alive" Show

1-800-Contacts brings the devoured-by-a-snake funny in a timely fashion.

Sometimes, a lot of thought and effort expended on just the right advertising can be ruined by some unfortunate placement. It seems like everyday someone somewhere is tweeting a screen cap of yet another online ad placement mishap.

Other times, though, the ad placement gods look down upon a brand with favor. Today, 1-800-Contacts is one such brand. The company's new spot with noted Hollywood That Guy Chance Kelly staring down the gullet of a gigantic snake ran during Discovery's much-discussed Eaten Alive. Some viewers weren't all that impressed that the show didn't quite live up to its promise, (since no eating actually took place) but 1-800-Contacts and agency Pereira & O'Dell certainly got some mileage out of the ad placement. While the agency intentionally placed the ad in the show (and tweaked its ending a bit), according to Adweek the core idea was coincidentally developed before it occurred to anyone running a science/nature channel to send a living man into the guts of a living snake.