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Imagine the famous face-morphing suite from Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" video, but with characters from movies, and you have the gist of the new animated music video by the band Cruisr.

"All Over" is a rollicking, indie-pop gem whose lyrics are occasionally mirrored by the whirlwind of cinematic references that riff through the video. While some scenes involve the simple face-morphing mentioned above—Travis Bickle and Jodie Foster's prostitute character from Taxi Driver turning into Hannibal Lecter and Foster's agent Starling from Silence of the Lambs—at other times Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's might fling off her necklace just as Cruisr's singer belts out, "Girl, take off your jewelry."

Created by Chris Carboni, the video's main appeal is its almost overwhelmingly quick transitions. By the time you realize you're looking at the young vampiric friends from Let The Right One In, "All Over" has already segued with lightning speed over to the James Bond opening credits bullet-swirl. The fact that you have to work to keep up makes it feel like more of a game than a video. Let us know which movie references stumped you in the comments below, and together we can unravel them all.