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Kmart Follows Up Its 2013 Holiday Hit "Jingle Balls" With "Jingle Bellies"

This year the orchestra moves up a few inches.

After shipping its pants and getting some big gas savings, Kmart capped its 2013 with an 18 million-view juggernaut of jingling junk with Joe Boxer.

In a new spot directed by Christian Weber, the retailer brings back the "Jingle Joes" for another round of holiday fun with body parts, this time moving up a few inches to get percussive with the belly drum. And a new site will soon let you control the abdomen orchestra yourself.

It may not have the same safely crude cache of its predecessor, but it's definitely worth a try. What do you think—do bellies measure up to balls or should Kmart have gone the other way and tapped the musical potential of butts? Weigh in below in the comments because this is totally a conversation worth having.