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For Men With Messy "Downstairs Apartments," Schick Has A Song And A Solution

Welcome to Extreme Makeover: Trouser Crib Edition.

The return of the beard back into mainstream society may have lulled some men into thinking that a throwback approach to all their hair is both stylish and appropriate. But given the hit they must be taking on face-shaving revenues these days, Big Shaving isn't taking things lying down.

Here, Schick aims straight for your private parts paranoia by using a catchy jingle, some female critics, and some hairy double entendres to promote its shaving gear as an all-body tool of utmost importance. With "Crib in Your Pants," the brand and agency JWT New York gives us a tour of Extreme Makeover: Trouser Edition (including two furry basement balls), because if they can't get your face, make no mistake, they will shave something. The buffalo head is a nice touch.