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Totino's Gave Tim & Eric Creative Control To Make This Ad And It Shows

You will probably not believe it, but the bat-poop craziness you are about to watch is a 100% real ad for Totino's pizza rolls, by Tim & Eric.

About a month ago, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim created an ad for GE that the Internet loved. This spot succeeded because the duo took the same signature absurdity infused into fake ads and infomercials on their former sketch series, Awesome Show, and applied it to a sleek, funny, real ad. (The casting of frequent collaborator Jeff Goldblum did not hurt either.) The latest ad Tim and Eric have created, however, doesn't resemble a sketch so much as an actual nightmare you might have after snarfing down massive quantities of pizza and Ayahuasca. In other words, it's brilliant and hilarious.

The ad works on two levels. First of all, it's a deranged tour de force of pizza-roll-based non sequiturs that also meta-mocks the idea of selling out to corporations, and it should all play as familiar to the Tim & Eric faithful. The second way to enjoy the ad, though, is by knowing that Totino's wanted Tim & Eric to deliver an appeal to a desired demographic so much that they were willing to give them complete creative control. Just imagine the looks on those executives' faces when they received this glorious monstrosity. Imagine them trying to understand why Heidecker would call himself "Totino The Pizza Boy" or appear in one scene with mouths for eyes, or what anti-corporate slap-bass has to do with anything. They were probably nervous. Then again, the ad has already been viewed 300,000 times in the span of a day, so perhaps this middle finger to everything has earned its ROI.