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If You Ever Wanted To Get Into Alan Thicke's Bed, This Habitat For Humanity Auction Is For You

For a good cause you can get a sleep worthy of Dr. Seaver.

It looks like it was made by a master craftsman and smells of rich mahogany. And let's not even get started on the tales it could tell. Yep, it's Alan Thicke's bed. And all its majesty can now be yours.

The perfectly coiffed actor, former Growing Pains dad, current star of Unusually Thicke and real-life father of Robin Thicke is putting his chariot of dreams up for auction to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

The charity and agency JWT Canada have launched a campaign that will track Thicke's bed as it makes its way from L.A. to be on full display IRL at a Toronto-area ReStore, Habitat for Humanity's retail outlet for used furniture. The bed will be auctioned off online to the highest bidder by November 22. In the promo video, we see a grown 67-year-old man roll around in his bed. And sign pictures of himself.

"Nobody asked for these, I just like signing my face."

It might be one of the more bizarre charity auctions in recent memory, but it also delightfully taps into the overall weirdness of Thicke's post-'80s career and appeal. Is it the voice? It's the voice, right? Even his fake freestyle raps are pretty good.