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David Beckham's Life In This Whisky Ad Directed By Guy Ritchie Is Exactly What You Imagine It Would Be

A well-heeled, well-traveled stylish, secret society meets up to drink some scotch.

In the darkest corner of your celebrity-obsessed, seething jealous heart this is exactly what you'd imagine. Celebrities, they're just like us? Go home, you're drunk. They don't wear sweatpants to the grocery store, they wear velvet green tuxedo jackets to drink whisky at remote Scottish estates.

At least that's what this new ad for Haig Club whisky by agency adam&eveDDB London tells us. David Beckham meets what must be a secret society of ridiculously good-looking people who meet all over the world in order to get dressed and boozed up to take a classy portrait. It's like a posh Pentaverate, and exactly how you might picture Beckham's life to be like.

Diageo has said Beckham actually played a fundamental role in developing the brand ("How about we make the bottle blue?"), and he definitely plays a significant part here in preventing this from being a total mess of a high five to the Rich Kids of Instagram crowd.