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If Siri Had A Brother, It Would Be This Pizza-Loving Voice App Named Dom

Domino's new voice-ordering app can't cancel meetings or teach you karate.

Over the past few years, everyday iPhone users (and notable celebrities) have been using Siri, with varying degrees of success, to do everything from re-organizing their social calendar to serving up quick trivia answers. But back in June, Domino's launched a beta version of its own pizza-flavored, Siri-like feature within its app and now it's official. Meet Dom.

Dom may not know how to cancel that business meeting or give you quick self-defense tips, but find yourself in the throes of a pizza emergency and this voice-activated ordering app from agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky can get you what you need.

According to the company, the goal was to make Dom as close to dealing with a live person in the store or on the phone as possible. All the convenience without the hassle of, y'know, actually talking to another human being.