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This Is What You'll Find In Any Starbucks In The World On Any Given Day

This new ad was shot in 40 Starbucks in 28 countries in 24 hours.

Walk into any Starbucks in the world at any given moment and what will you find? All the seats taken up by laptop jockeys toiling away on the next great screenplay or novel? Probably. But for its newest ad campaign, the brand is touting its role as a place that brings people together, not to type away in caffein-fuelled solitude, but to talk, laugh and chug pumpkin spice frappuccinos.

This new campaign, by agency 72andSunny, is using the brand's global footprint as a selling point—not that your venti skim chai latte will be same in Singapore as it is in St. Louis, but instead on how every location is full of people connecting with each other. An added novelty is the fact that the centerpiece of the campaign—a five minute interactive mini-doc—was filmed in 40 Starbucks locations in 28 countries in just 24 hours. Too bad it didn't give us a peek inside that fully operational Starbucks inside the CIA.