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Someone Strapped A GoPro To A Falcon And Recorded A Stunning, Mid-Air Crow Hunt

Be thankful you don't have to catch and kill your dinner, in mid-air.

As long as there are mysteries in the universe—What does it feel like to soar like a bird? What's really going on inside that dishwasher?—humans will seek the answer via GoPro. We've already experienced both of these. We've even been inside the chomping jaws of a grizzly.

Now Project Alpha has taken us on the hunt. This minute-long video is the result of strapping a GoPro onto a falcon and watching it stalk crows through bleak, wintry skies. It takes less time for the bird to take down its prey than you'd have to wait for a burger at McDonald's. But the dogged effort required is extraordinary. It'll make you appreciate the wonder of nature and avian engineering (and that glorious human invention, the supermarket).