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Gatorade And Derek Jeter Say A Classy Farewell To The Bronx

The legendary New York Yankee meets the people and soaks in the atmosphere of his final season.

The Derek Jeter Farewell Tour is wrapping up and even the strange souvenirs from opponents or any on-field awkwardness can't seem to diminish the league-wide celebration of the player's legendary status.

Earlier this summer Nike and agency Wieden+Kennedy paid tribute to one of the pinstripes' all-time greats and now Gatorade and agency TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles take their own swing at it. As the classic "My Way" plays, Mr. November takes a cab to Yankee Stadium before deciding to get out and walk the last few blocks, to get out and mingle among the people. Between the black-and-white style, the Sinatra and the looks of surprise, shock and joy on the faces of those Bronx fans, it's a grand slam.