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Raise Your Blood Pressure Instantly By Watching The Unreal* Traffic At This Argentina Intersection

Trick editing makes rush hour at this Argentina intersection look absolutely bonkers. But also strangely beautiful.

In many parts of the world, traffic can be nuts. But even the legendarily crazy traffic in cities like Cairo, Jakarta, and Sao Paulo can't compare to the intersection in Argentina that filmmaker Fernando Livschitz captured in his stunning one-minute video "Rush Hour."

Well, that's not exactly true, but you wouldn't know it from Livschitz's video: the trick-editing filmmaker from Argentina's Black Sheep Films worked some serious AfterEffects magic on an otherwise-ordinary intersection from the video, cloning cars/bikes/trucks/pedestrians/motorcycles/etc over the course of a minute, until there are countless vehicles moving in an elegant formation, without observing any sort of traffic signals or right-of-way, and somehow narrowly avoiding colliding with one another. It's a dizzying optical illusion that is probably only about 15% less believable than some of the legitimate "worst intersections in the world" videos that are already on YouTube.

*It's not real.