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Pampers Orchestrates A Baby's First Birthday Surprise—For Mothers

The brand gives moms a thank-you surprise.

Baby's first birthday. A celebration of a child's first month, the gateway to a long and healthy life. But sometimes lost in all the streamers, candles, photos, hyperlapse videos, and Facebook updates, is the fact that this is a big deal for Mom too. Y'know, that whole carrying the baby for nine months then spending a year in a sleep deprived mildly panicked state of figuring out how to raise a child. Kind of a big deal.

Pampers Japan and agency Leo Burnett Tokyo/Beacon Communications teamed up with some dads for when a few moms took their wee ones to the doctor for a one-year check-up. The result is a very sweet, if totally staged, "surprise" and another brand that aims squarely at its target market's heart.