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Watch How Serena Williams Gets In Unstoppable Shape In This New Beats Ad

A very stylish look at how an all-time great stays that way.

While watching Serena Williams beat Caroline Wozniaki in just 75 minutes to win her third consecutive US Open championship, one question that may have come to mind is, "How does she do it?"

We get a peek at the answer in this new ad from Beats by Dre for the brand's new wireless headphones that offers a brief glimpse of the grit required to win 18 major titles and be one of tennis's all-time greats.

The spot, set to 2 Chainz' "Black Unicorn," continues the brand's recent push into the sporty emo-adrenaline territory pioneered by Nike, following impressive ads starring NBA and World Cup soccer stars. Beats is often accused among audiophiles for being more style than substance, but this ad further illustrates at least its advertising style is pretty damn substantial.