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Awwww. Dad Makes His Goth Girl Feel At Home In This Charming Home Improvement Ad

Home improvement brand Hornbach uses a sweet story to sell the power of a DIY project.

For parents of every generation, teen styles can be horrifying. It can be easy to scoff and scold, whether it's baggy pants, a mohawk or, in the case of this new ad by German DIY retail brand Hornbach, dressing in all black everything.

Here we meet a young girl who has decided to rebel against the soft light tones of her surroundings. Her classmates, teachers, and townsfolk look on with disapproval, confusion, and scorn. But one very important person supports her fully and completely.

We won't spoil the ending, but let's just say that the brand and agency Heimat Berlin may have found a way to make you weepy with home improvement.