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This Dragon Fairytale Is Actually A Drug Policy PSA

The Global Commission on Drug Policy goes medieval on the war on drugs.

A few years ago, The Global Commission on Drug Policy released a study that essentially called the War on Drugs a failure and advocated for a new approach that favored social awareness and human rights over violent repression and harsh punishments.

Now, with agency AlmapBBDO, the organization has turned the moral of that study into an animated fairytale starring a big ol' dragon named Drugo. We're taken to a very powerful kingdom, whose castle looks like cross between the White House and Sleeping Beauty's house. The people can't seem to get enough of Drugo. It's like everyone wants to beKhaleesi. Problem is, the citizens like the dragon too much. Now we're all familiar with what happens next—criminalization, black market, violence—except here there's way more swords and chain mail.

Sometimes seeing something from a different point of view, helps put it in new perspective, whether that's international drug policy or an Iggy Azalea song. This PSA has it all—animation, dragons, drugs, metaphor—and it finds a way to illustrate some harsh realities in an entertaining way.