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Should You Catcall That Woman On The Street? This Playboy Flowchart Will Help You Decide

Idiot-proof instructions about meeting a lady on the street from an unlikely source.

[Image: Flickr user Falk Lademann]

Recently a female writer for the New York Post published an ode to catcalling. Whenever she walks past a construction site and hears that "wolf whistle," she feels "over the moon." "My ego and I can’t fit through the door!" she writes. This unfortunate bit of trolling met with the derision it deserved. As it turns out, many actual women aren't over the moon about being harassed by strangers. .

Now, no less an authority than Playboy has published an instructional guide to the dos and don'ts of this offensive and unambiguously annoying verbiage. At first glance the infographic, "Should You Catcall Her," created by graphic designer Shea Strauss, suggests that there might be some circumstances where it's okay to shout at women on the street.

"Is that booty bangin'?" the chart asks, ominously. "Does she have legs that go on for days?" Ugh.

But on closer inspection, the Playboy position may not meet your expectations. Check it out below.

Click to expandInfographic: via Playboy
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