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Nike's LED-Outfitted Basketball Court Teaches Real-Time NBA Training Drills

Kobe Bryant goes high-tech to mentor Chinese teens.

Soon basketball players across China will be showcasing the on-court stylings of the NBA's own Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant, thanks to Nike. The company has teamed up with San Francisco-based agency AKQA to create a full-sized "LED" basketball court, that uses motion-tracking technology and reactive visualization for training players. When activated, the court basically resembles a gigantic game of Dance, Dance Revolution. The shapes and flashing strobes are dizzying, but the actual exercises, which lead players up and down the court, are based on Bryant's own practice drills.

The court is part of the Nike RISE initiative, which featured 30 teenage Chinese players on a basketball reality show this summer and gave them the chance to train with the Bryant as well as LeBron James. Three of those players will be sent to the Nike World Basketball Festival in Barcelona early next month. There's obviously a lot these aspiring athletes can learn from the Lakers superstar. Whether the LED tech can teach good sportsmanship, though—not quite the Mamba's strength—is another question entirely.