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This Anti-Drug PSA Is Mandatory Viewing For Electric Zoo Attendees

Just wrap it around your face like a golden waterfall.

Oh man, we've all had conversations with this guy. Too sweaty, too bouncy, too BROTHISISITRIGHTHERERIGHTNOWBLAAAAH. Too much.

This new anti-drug PSA, by Dexter creator/writer James Manos, Jr., and his 19-year-old daughter Ellie, brings that guy to life in fine form. It's aimed at attendees of the upcoming Electric Zoo festival in New York on Labor Day weekend, in an effort to discourage the use of drugs like MDMA or "Molly." Manos told Pollstar that his daughter represents the target audience and helped with her personal experience at EDM shows.

The festival is through wrist-band activation, making all concert-goers watch the PSA, particularly since two people died and others hospitalized as a result of MDMA use at last year's festival. It's not clear how effective amped guy's portrayal will be at discouraging people from following in his footsteps.