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See How Lighting Can Completely Transform A Photo Of Your Face

A photographer tackles perception vs reality (and the power of lighting) in this series of portraits.

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What do you really look like? For that matter, who are you?

Melbourne-based photographer Sebastian Petrovski confronts issues of identity in his photo series, "Perception Is Reality." Each subject in the two-year-old collection is shot twice: once outdoors, against dappled greenery, in bright light and once in the half dark, against what appears to be a concrete wall.

In some cases, the people in the well-lit photos don't just look "better," than their shadowy counterparts—they look like they could be different people.

As the photographer told Lost At E Minor: "I made this series of images to deal with my own struggles of perception. I have always found it interesting that two or more people can experience the same physical reality but have completely different reactions to it. In hindsight, two years later, I think I was reflecting on the massive downer the whole of my final year of high school was for me. For some reason I was one of those adolescents who felt detached and depressed about my situation—which was confusing for me. I was doing well at school, I had friends, and my family was awesome."

Lessons about perception and identity aside, the photos are a striking demonstration of the power of light to open up a face. Remember that when it comes to taking your next selfie.

[h/t to Gizmodo]