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Watch It: Visit All 185 Oregon State Parks Via This Oregon-Themed Music Video

Musician Slater Smith took a GoPro to every single state park in Oregon, and there are many, to film his love ballad "Back O'er Oregon"

The thing that Oregon is perhaps best known for at the moment is inspiring the show Portlandia. Beyond the highly parody-able residents of that particular Pacific Northwestern city, though, Oregon has a lot of things to recommend—and many are aptly captured in a clever new music video tribute to the Beaver State.

As a caption helpfully informs viewers up top, during the summer of 2013, musician Slater Smith brought his guitar and a GoPro to all 185 state parks in Oregon. A member of the band The Weather Machine, Smith sits on a variety of benches and chairs with ever-changing backgrounds as he gently strums his guitar. (Occasionally, he is accompanied by a violinist, another guitarist, and at one point, a horsey.) The song "Back O'er Oregon" recounts Smith's personal romantic history as it unfolded in the state, made all the more powerful by the lush scenery behind him at all times. By the end of the song, you'll want to fall in love in/with Oregon too.

h/t 22 Words