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See Cristiano Ronaldo In The Most Bizarre Endorsement Deal And Surreal Ad In Sports History

There shouldn't be enough money in the world to get someone to do this.

Look, we all know sometimes athletes make strange endorsement choices. Scooters, car dealerships, roomy toe areas, it's obvious the pros are just getting a pay day. But even in the jaded light of blatant consumerism, this Japanese ad for a company called Pao starring Cristiano Ronaldo stands out.

First warning sign, it's a facial fitness device. FACE EXERCISER. Pretty sure that alone is reason enough for Ronaldo's agent to delete that email immediately. According to Forbes, Ronaldo makes about $52 million a year in soccer-based salary alone, which should be more than enough to turn down endorsement deals that look like they were conceived in the depths of a bath salts binge. The only saving grace here is that we're spared the indignity of seeing him actually put that monstrosity in his mouth.

Perhaps the craziest part of this whole thing is that it's not Ronaldo's only time working with Pao. He's also demonstrated the disco ball insanity of its ReFa Active muscle massager.

If this hasn't got the Real Madrid star's agent fired yet it should at least be enough to scare off any potential clients. Or maybe he's on to something and along with trying to attract North American fans on a pre-season tour, we'll soon find out Ronaldo's the new face of Shake Weight.