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You Haven't Been Dizzy Until You've Watched A GoPro Strapped To A Car Tire

GoPro meet car tire. Car tire meet GoPro. Now make me throw up!

A lot of things that seem fun are either too scary or physically impossible to do ourselves. Thanks to the advent of ultra-portable cameras, however, we can now live vicariously through other people's exploits—or other eagles', as the case may be. The latest rare viewpoint caught on camera belongs to a car tire, whose Sisyphean circulation puts washing machines to shame.

Videographer Ryan Fox, whose previous camera shenanigans include filming a drink being made from the bottom of the glass up, has strapped a GoPro to a car tire, and the results are somehow even more dizzying than that sounds. As soon as the car starts, the nighttime landscape immediately swirls into a vinyl-like black circle. As various lights—from other cars or signage, presumably—enter the tire's view, the color palette adjusts, adding neon lines like the kind you see when shooting through a space-time wormhole in the movies. Who knew there were celestial happenings beneath every chassis?

H/t to Reddit