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Watch The Only-Marginally-Less-Exciting Trailer For 50 Shades Of Grey

Shutterstock brilliantly taps into the hype for the highly anticipated movie.

Back before your mom read erotic fiction, thanks to the bond between Edward Grey and Ana Steele, there were 50 shades of grey that weren't quite able to get the attention of hundreds of millions of readers. And no one is making a movie about them because instead of tying each other up for some kinky business, these greys were mostly used as cubicle decor in places of actual business. Until now.

In the wake of the trailer release for the film based on E.L. James's insanely popular novel trilogy, Shutterstock has given these oft-ignored colors their own dramatic treatment. Let your imagination run wild as the stock photo agency serves up drama, intrigue and grey. Oh so much grey.