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The Evolution of Product Design As Told By Citizen Watches

It's like a 90-second history lesson in creative innovation from a single brand.

Generally speaking, watches are rarely depicted as anything but glorified jewelry. Unless you're talking about the new wave of smart wristwear of the future, the purpose of the everyday watch has been in long decline. When you need to actually know what time it is, you check your phone.

So when it comes to marketing watches, they're sold as beautiful objects, more luxury item than functional tool for daily life. Style over substance. But this new ad by Citizen and agency Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo instead uses its watches to celebrate the evolution of creative innovation.

Directed by Johan Kramer, the video depicts this evolution as it occurs on a watch designer's desk, as well as through various taglines and typography over the years. Kramer used a variety of cameras, like a handcranked 35mm from the 1930s and a 1980s VHS camera, to get the looks of each era right. Each new product innovation is marked as "The End," leading to the question, "What if every ending was the chance to start something better?"

Not only is it a great looking spot, but it also makes Citizen watches as something fun, accessible, and exciting rather than just another antiquated bauble.