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See What It's Like To Skateboard An Eerily, Beautifully Empty Los Angeles

This short film imagines the freeways and city streets as one big skatepark.

When you're sitting in your car, stuck in the slow, mind-numbing roll of rush-hour highway traffic, chances are your thoughts drift to that feeling of hitting the gas on an open road. No stops and starts and staring at the license plate in front of you for what feels like an eternity.

Director Russell Houghten's mind also drifts during rush hour, but instead of imagining driving on an empty road, he's wondering what it would be like to ride it on a skateboard. With Urban Isolation, he brings his imagination to life. Here we see skaters with full access to L.A.'s concrete jungle, with no people, cars, or much of anything else to get in their way. The mood is far from jubilant, more thoughtful with a hint of melancholy. The scenery is like I Am Legend or 28 Days Later, minus the roving packs of zombies hunting for brains.

The film is one of 12 entries for a short film contest called REDirect by RED and skateboard site The Berrics. Each film was shot on a RED Epic camera and the winning director gets to keep the camera kit used to shoot the film.

And just in case you think all the freeway skating was done in post-production, Houghten says that while the cars were removed by technology, the skaters didn't quite enjoy the safety of VFX. "There were definitely some sketchy times shooting some of these shots," he says in this cool behind-the-scenes video.