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Emoji Get The David Attenborough Treatment In This Adorable New Doc

Emoji get the faux documentary they deserve, courtesy Dissolve stock footage.

Many advertisers have used used the nature documentary as a device in their ads—using a David Attenborough-like narrator to describe their product as if it were an exotic creature stalking the plains. But stock footage company Dissolve has made the gag seem fresh in a new faux doc about the the "charming, versatile, and intelligent figures have captured our hearts"—emoji.

The new short, Emoji Among Us, features that very 21st century species of digital animal against a backdrop of Dissolve footage of everyday human activity. Set to a soundtrack of inspiring classical music, the "documentary" demonstrates all the ways in which the stock cartoon art has infused, invaded, and perhaps even amplified our daily lives: from fake porn lips to cartoonish toast slices, to smiling poo on a swing, we learn how emoji have "become, for better or worse, integral to the way we live, communicate, and behave." It's a perfect send up but also a smart way to demonstrate the breadth of Dissolve's video collection. And despite the video's silly subject matter, it will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy about those funny, clip-arty icons.

This isn't the first time that Dissolve has showcased its knack for a clicky promo and its sense of humor about our modern media world—this is the company, you'll recall, behind the excellent Generic Brand Video spoof).