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Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Battle To Be The Ultimate Star Wars Fan

The comedians go geek to geek to raise money for UNICEF.

Remember the Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear, in which Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert went talking-head-to-head on the National Mall? The rivals have now taken their sparring to new levels of geekdom, with each proclaiming to be the ultimate Star Wars fan. And why are they smacking each other with trivia and lightsabers? They're hoping to win the Star Wars: Force for Change contest, which will give one lucky winner a cameo in the new movie, Star Wars: Episode VII.

But you don't have to don a Princess Leia wig (like Stewart) to claim the ultimate prize. Force for Change is also donating money to UNICEF's Innovation Labs, which brings technological advancements to children in remote, internet-lacking areas across the globe. If you donate a minimum of $10 to the NGO, then you'll automatically be entered to win. But be forewarned. Disney has already pledged $1 million dollars, so if you don't want Darth Mouse to steal your chance at victory—and your cameo—then donate before July 25. And may the force be with you.