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A Hard-Hitting Message From The Israel-Palestine Conflict: "We Don't Want You Here"

Family members of fallen victims appear in this new PSA condemning the conflict.

Over the last couple of weeks, fighting between Israel and Hamas, has seen Israel hit more than 2,000 targets in Gaza and Hamas launch nearly 1,500 rockets at Israel. There has been high-profile deaths of children and now the reported launch of ground troops.

In the midst of the tragedy, an organization called Palestinian Israeli Bereaved Families for Peace and agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel, have weighed in on the ongoing conflict. In the new PSA, Palestinians and Israelis repeat the seemingly inflammatory phrase "We don't want you here." In the end, though, it's revealed to be a plea from people who have lost family members to the violence, for no one on either side of the conflict to join their ranks.