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An "I Origins" Promo Invites You To Choose Between Science And Soul

Following a YouTube path to science or spirituality leads to two behind-the-scenes looks at I Origins.

If you're a fan of binge-watching music videos on YouTube, you've undoubtedly noticed commenters calling out the all-seeing eye. From ancient Egypt's Eye of Horus all the way to the Eye of Providence's Freemasonry connections in Katy Perry and Kesha videos, iconography about our peepers has always appealed to us. But director Mike Cahill's I Origins, his follow-up to the divisive, ambitious Another Earth, goes beyond emblematic representations and into a science and spirituality debate, as molecular biologist Ian Gray, played by Michael Pitt, makes a discovery of ethereal proportions studying the evolution of the human eye.

As such, I Origins' central discourse weaves the disciplined methods of biology with feel-it-in-your-gut faith in a story that spans 20 years and jumps from Idaho to New York to India. In this exclusive interactive video, Pitt comments on both. "People draw a line between science and spirituality," he says. "I think there's a place in the middle where they can meet." Even if that's possible, the viewer is asked to choose between the two by clicking YouTube annotations that lead to different behind-the-scenes videos. Clicking "Science" takes the viewer to a clip with actress Brit Marling, who plays Gray's workaholic lab partner, while clicking "Spirituality" opens a clip with the film's director.