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If You Thought "Happy" Was Catchy, You'll Love Weird Al's "Tacky," Feat. Jack Black, Eric Stonestreet

Do you take selfies at funerals? Yup, you're tacky.

Weird Al has outdone himself again. His latest romp is a spoof of Pharrell's "Happy." One could say it's such a close reinterpretation of the original that it's, well, tacky. Which is why we love Weird Al. He appears in a fabulously clashing outfit, silly-dancing through the halls of the Palace Theatre in LA. He's joined by a lip syncing (also tacky) crew including Margaret Cho, Aisha Tyler, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal, and Jack Black, who twerks in tie-dyed pants and a fanny pack.

If you don't own a fanny pack, have no fear. You can also ask the next bloated woman you see whether she's pregnant or submit your next resume in comic sans. The delightful video is the kick-off of Weird Al's new project, #8videos8days, in support of the July 15 release of the artist's 14th album "Mandatory Fun. "Let's hope the next seven are as awesomely tacky as the first.