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This Oddly Charming, Buck Naked Dance Routine Promotes VH1's New Reality Show

To help launch Dating Naked, the network sent a troupe of dancers to show off more than their skills in public.

Look, we all know flash mobs are about as innovative as a punch in the face but VH1 put a wee spin on the concept to promote a new dating reality show that itself puts a wee spin on dating reality shows. Nudity.

Being naked, especially in public, changes everything. We can talk about our society's overburdened sense of propriety or that simply too many of us care far too much about our appearance, but it doesn't alter the facts of public nudity. There's just no getting around the idea that walking down the street fully clothed is an entirely different experience than walking down the street buck naked. Dating Naked takes this concept to reality show dating, pairing up prospective love interests at a private beach resort au natural.

This new promo video by agency Mistress takes the concept of a surprising public display of dance and adds a bit of old-fashioned skin to the mix. The dancers seem to appear out of nowhere at a Los Angeles shopping district and are able to add some class and skill to what could've been something far less refined. The talent, in an array of ages, shapes, and sizes, charms the audience to "I'm Just Wild About Harry", making it all thankfully more swing time than twerkfest.