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You've Seen Strangers Kiss Before, Now Watch Them Take Each Other's Clothes Off

What's it look like when two people who've never met before take each other's clothes off? Find out in this video that also serves as a promo for "Masters of Sex."

It's a natural progression that after their first kiss, two people might eventually see each other naked. That's kind of how dating works. Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva recently made that happen for a bunch of strangers a lot faster than usual.

Back in March, Pilieva caught the attention of more or less the entire Internet with her video of strangers meeting each other and then kissing almost immediately. The video, which was part of the new marketing campaign for clothing company Wren Studio, spawned a cottage industry of parodies, as well as a recent tribute involving strangers slapping each other. Now, Pilieva is upping the ante with an official sequel video called Undress Me, in which, you guessed it, strangers remove each other's clothes.

Like its predecessor, the new video was also produced as part of a marketing campaign—in this case, to promote the forthcoming second season of the Emmy-nominated Showtime series, Masters of Sex. The show is about scientific sexual experimentation, but this video is just for voyeuristic awkwardness and fun. Each pair meets near a bed, banters momentarily, and begins removing garments. Pilieva seems to be responding to backlash from the last video with more diversity in ethnicity, age, and gender pairings. What definitely hasn't changed, however, is that every single person here is very attractive, something which definitely impacts the way one feels about and reacts to being denuded. Maybe next time.